Review: Love in Lingerie, by Alessandra Torre

Love in LingerieLove in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alessandra Torre has a way of telling stories that suck me in and make me fall in love, even as my brain is telling me that I shouldn’t. She is the queen of writing forbidden love stories that leave you feeling conflicted and questioning your sense of right and wrong. She doesn’t seem to focus as much on huge, “in your face” subjects. Rather, she skirts the edges of what is generally considered socially acceptable behavior.

Whatever her magic formula is, it is working! She never fails to captivate me. Like every other book of hers that I’ve read, ‘Love in Lingerie’ grabbed me and held on tight right to the very end. I was completely absorbed with the antics of Kate and Trey.

Kate and Trey meet when Kate is hired to turn Trey’s lingerie company around. Looking to leave a company where she had no possibility of advancement, Kate is ecstatic to be working for Trey’s company. The company is failing and Trey is at risk of losing everything that he’s worked so hard for.

Despite the fact that he is immediately attracted to Kate, Trey cannot risk losing her as an employee. He’s been down that road before and it ended disastrously. Regardless of the intense desire he feels, he knows that he has to focus on saving his company. He cannot risk chasing Kate away with his kinky tastes.

‘Love in Lingerie’ was a unique love story in many ways. Most notably, the main characters were not “together” for most of the book. In fact, they didn’t really explore a romantic relationship until about 75% of the way in.

In the meantime, there was plenty of sexual tension and heated exchanges. This was definitely a slow-burn story. By the time that Kate and Trey finally took the next step, I felt like I was going to combust myself! However, Ms. Torre proved to make it well worth the wait.

If you’re looking for a sweet, sexy and humorous read, then I highly recommend ‘Love in Lingerie’. I was completely sucked in by these two. Their back and forth, sexually charged interactions were absolutely addicting. I enjoyed every minute of this story!

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Review: Heat (Elements of Chemistry, #2; Hypothesis, #1.2), by Penny Reid

Heat (Elements of Chemistry #2; Hypothesis, #1.2)Heat by Penny Reid
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After the shocking ending of the first serial, I wasn’t sure where Kaitlyn and Martin’s story was going to lead. However, ‘Heat’ picks up right were ‘Attraction’ left off, so you won’t be left hanging for long. In fact, this book featured one of the quickest resolutions to a big conflict that I’ve ever encountered. It was even a little anti-climactic for me, as I love the grovel.

That being said, I still enjoyed this book immensely. Kaitlyn never gets old. Her quirky, but endearing, antics kept me laughing again and Martin is just the guy to balance out her light-hearted personality.

This installment highlights the change in their relationship from friends to lovers. The intimacy between the two is incredible and there is plenty of sexiness. For most of this book, they are blissfully happy and inseparable.

Then, things go bad. I knew it would happen, but it was still painful to bear witness to. Expect another big cliffhanger that will leave you clamoring for the third installment.

Overall, this is still a fabulous series. I love the push/pull between Kaitlyn and Martin. After finishing this one, I had to dive into the last book immediately. I just couldn’t get enough of these two!

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Review: Addicted to Sin (Hard Love Romance, #1), by Monica James

Addicted to Sin (Hard Love Romance, #1)Addicted to Sin by Monica James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***I was provided with a complimentary ARC of this book by the publisher, through, in exchange for honest feedback.***

Wow! This book blew me away! It was a little slow to get started for me, but once it picked up, I couldn’t tear myself away from it. I’m still trying to pinpoint how I feel about it. I haven’t read a book that left me feeling so conflicted in quite some time. I’m dying to get my hands on the next book.

I guess I’ll start out by telling you a little about Dixon. He’s got that all-male hotness that draws you in and leaves you wanting more. As a Psychiatrist, it’s a miracle he hasn’t had his medical license revoked for sleeping with his patients. However, that unsavory tidbit just seems to up his forbidden, bad-boy appeal. He makes no apologies for who he is…and he knows he’s an ass.

Although, we get glimpses of his softer side as well. His manwhoring ways were triggered by his ex-fiancées betrayal with his then best friend. It was all downhill for him after that. He literally threw caution to the wind and lost himself between as many female thighs as he could get to spread for him. It wasn’t pretty.

He soon finds himself drawn to two women that are polar opposites. One appeals to his baser needs only, while the other consumes him wholly. A man with serious trust issues, he doesn’t always make the logical, or wise, choice. He’s afraid to lose himself in love again, only to be crushed.

He keeps the sexually aggressive Juliet around as a repeat booty-call. She’s always interested and always available. He doesn’t care to know much about her, beyond the fact that she is highly skilled in the sack, but she’s easy and keeping her around saves him the effort of having to hunt for other willing women.

Meanwhile, he just can’t seem to shake his feelings for the captivating Madison. He knows that she’s the kind of girl that he could get lost in and he’s afraid to go there again. Yet, no matter how many times he screws up, fate seems to keep throwing these two back together again.

All the while, Dixon has his two friends trying to steer him in the right direction. At least, their hearts were in the right place even when they steered him wrong. Together, these three were absolutely hilarious. I laughed so hard at their banter that I had tears in my eyes. It really helped to keep the story from getting too emotional or sad at times.

Eventually, Dixon seems to get his head on straight and things with him and Madison are finally coming together. Nothing is ever that easy though, so don’t think you’ll get to bask in those warm fuzzier for long. Juliet really is a super-bitch of epic proportions and she’s not ready to take her claws out of Dixon just yet.

Although I had guessed one of the twists fairly early on, it in no way prepared me for everything that transpired in the last 5 – 10% of this book. Holy hell! Ms. James turned my world upside down! I feel completely gutted and I am dying to see where this story will go from here.

The only negative point, was that there were a fair amount of typos, misplaced words, etc. However, I did read an ARC, so many of these errors will likely be corrected in the published editions. Otherwise, I have nothing but positive things to say about this book. It was awesome!

As an aside, this book has now been published under the title ‘Dirty Dix’. I am currently reading an ARC for the second part of this story, but almost missed it due to the new title.

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Review: Neighbor Dearest, by Penelope Ward

Neighbor DearestNeighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s been quite some time since I read ‘Stepbrother Dearest’, which I think was probably for the best in hindsight. At first, the multiple references to Elec and Greta had me thinking that I would need to reread that book prior to reading, or rather listening to, this one. As much as I loved ‘Stepbrother Dearest’, I was glad to find that ‘Neighbor Dearest’ read easily as a standalone.

If you’re like me, you vaguely remember the nice girlfriend that Elec ditched in ‘Stepbrother Dearest’ when he found his way back to Greta. I, for one, had completely forgotten her name by the time I finished that book because she wasn’t part of the happy couple that I had worked out in my mind. Her name was Chelsea and ‘Neighbor Dearest’ is her story.

At the onset of this book, Chelsea Jameson is heartbroken. She is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and taking it one day at a time. She was shocked and utterly devastated to be dumped by Elec, the man she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with. She thought they were the perfect couple, but obviously she didn’t know anything about her “perfect” boyfriend.

When her frustration with her neighbor’s noisy dogs prompt her to complain to the landlord, it is the beginning of an unlikely friendship. What starts out as a contentious relationship, turns into a close friendship. Along the way, those feelings eventually turn romantic in nature.

Damien H. Hennessey is not only her neighbor, but her landlord. He is equal parts amused and aroused when he first meets his feisty new tenant. He cannot deny his attraction to her, but he’s not interested in settling down with anyone.

The two decide to keep their relationship friendly, agreeing to not pursue anything further. Damien still has a complicated relationship with his ex-girlfriend and Chelsea is still reeling from her break-up with Elec. Neither of them are in any place to commit to someone else.

As they spend more and more time together, their feelings become more complicated. Chelsea knows that she is falling for Damien and needs to protect her heart. She’s doesn’t think that she’s capable of surviving another heartache after everything that Elec put her through. She knows that Damien is not looking for a relationship and she needs to distance herself before too much damage is done.

Despite his feelings for Chelsea, Damien is unwilling to waiver on his decision. He acts like he doesn’t want Chelsea, but he doesn’t want anyone else to have her either. Yet, it is clear that there is some unknown factor(s) influencing his decision. He is keeping secrets that are impacting both of their lives.

When things finally hit the fan, I can’t say that I was terribly surprised. Nonetheless, it was emotional and every bit as heartbreaking as it would have been had I been caught off-guard. It was one of those situations where you can understand the reason why somebody does something, but you don’t agree with it. I found myself getting frustrated with Damien, only to have to reign it in because I didn’t really know how I would behave given the same set of circumstances.

Overall, I thought that this was a great, heart-warming story. It was emotional at times, but mostly sweet and humorous. I enjoyed the references to ‘Stepbrother Dearest’, even though you didn’t need to read that book to follow, or enjoy, this one. Everything worked itself out nicely in the end. I listened to the Audible version and it was fantastic!

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Review: King of Wall Street, by Louise Bay

King of Wall StreetKing of Wall Street by Louise Bay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘King of Wall Street’ was just the type of sweet, straightforward love story that I was craving. I listened to the Audible version during my daily commute and it was a great way to pass the time. It had humor and plenty of heat. Even without big twists and surprises, this story held my attention.

Harper Jayne has idolized Max King for years. She’s landed an entry-level research position working under the Wall Street business mogul, right out of grad school. She is determined to prove herself and stand on her own two feet, refusing the assistance of her wealthy father.

However, Max King is determined to prove something himself. He’s dead set on proving to himself that he can avoid his attraction to the sexy new junior employee. He’s never mixed business and pleasure before. He plans to stay far away from the likes of Ms. Harvey Jayne, lest he lose all control. Max King is not a man that ever loses control.

As Max tries to push Harper away, she manages to creep into his life. For her part, Harper cannot understand why Max is so nasty to her. She figures it is just her luck to end up having him infiltrate her life outside of work as well.

After a few chance encounters outside of the office, these two are going at it like bunnies. They try to keep work and private activities separate, but that can only last for so long. Despite their attempts to keep their outside relationship strictly sexual, their feelings only grow stronger.

I’m sure you can imagine how things play out, there’s no big surprises here. However, I really enjoyed this predictable office romance. The characters were easy to relate to and I loved the fact that Max had a teenage daughter, Amanda. Her character gave a little different spin to the billionaire meets intern storyline.

Overall it was a highly enjoyable, straightforward and fun read. It was a nice way to pass the time. I listened to the Audible version and the narration was well done also.

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Review: Bossman, by Vi Keeland

BossmanBossman by Vi Keeland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fun And Flirty Office Romance

This is my third book by this author, and it’s my favorite so far. Vi Keeland is on the way to becoming a “one-click author” for me. I absolutely adored this story! It gets a solid 4 1/2 stars from me.

From their very first interaction, I was hooked on Reese and Chase. They had incredible chemistry, even if their first meeting was adversarial. Then, what started as bitter conflict morphed into a playful banter. Suddenly, instead of fighting each other, it seemed like it was Reese and Chase against the world.

It took a while for them to take their relationship to the next level. However, that worked well for this story. Readers were gifted with lots of hilarious, flirty dialogue and plenty of build-up. I appreciated the time spent developing the characters and their relationship. When things started to progress, I felt entirely vested in the story.

That being said, I was so absorbed in this story that it seemed to fly by. I didn’t want to put it down. You know it’s a good book when you find yourself contemplating calling in sick to work because you want to read! This was one of those stories for me.

Unlike most of my favorite reads, this book wasn’t dark at all. It was everything that usually drives me nuts — cliché characters, predictable storyline, etc. — but it worked perfectly in this case. This isn’t the type of story that changes your life, it’s just pure fun. It’s the kind of story that you don’t want to put down because it has you laughing uncontrollably and walking around with a huge smile all day.

There was a little angst and sadness, but it was pretty short-lived. While it did seem a bit melodramatic to me, I understood that a little conflict was necessary for the story. Not surprisingly, everything worked out in the end.

Overall, I thought that this was a fantastic story. I loved every minute of this couple’s story. It had just the right balance of romance and humor. If you’re in the mood for a fun, feel-good romance with a HEA, I highly recommend this one!

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