Review: Deep Redemption (Hades Hangmen, #4), by Tillie Cole

Deep Redemption (Hades Hangmen, #4)Deep Redemption by Tillie Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have loved every book in this series, but I was more nervous about this book than any of the others. Let’s face it, Rider is not an easy character to like. He was a major contributor to the pain and suffering at the hands of his religious cult in previous books. If not an active participant, Prophet Cain certainly chose to look the other way while many atrocities were committed in his name.

Now, he finds himself reaping what he sowed. After finally growing a pair and standing up against the ritual raping of young children, Rider aka Prophet Cain, is at the mercy of his twisted sibling. Cain’s twin, Judas, has assumed his identity as the Prophet. Cain is imprisoned and subjected to daily beatings at the hands of his brother’s co-conspirators.

While imprisoned, he befriends Harmony, one of the “cursed daughters of Eve”. She is going to be forced to marry his brother, posing as him. Cain is determined to stop that from happening and to rescue Harmony from the cult.

He is finally opening his eyes to the evil that the cult harbors. His blinders have been removed and he must come to terms with the role he played in propagating the crimes committed in the name of religion. He now knows that his entire life was a lie.

With the help of some insiders, Rider sets out to right the wrongs of his past. Redemption will not be easily obtained and he knows that some wrongs will never be forgiven. Nobody is less forgiving of him than himself.

After everything he’d done, I was surprised at how easily Rider worked his way into my heart again. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Rider, but after Lilah’s book, I was sure that he was irredeemable. As it ends up, that wasn’t the case.

Harmony also proved to be an incredibly strong heroine. I think she might be the strongest of all the ladies in this series so far. I was blown away by her resilience, not just of body, but of mind and spirit. She had endured more abuse than I could imagine, but was strong enough to offer forgiveness. I absolutely loved her character!

There were far more twists and turns in this book than I had anticipated. Every time I thought I knew where the story was headed, something new would surprise me. It kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

If you’re a fan of the series, this is another great addition. To fully understand this story and to get maximum enjoyment out of it, you need to read the books in the series in order. If you haven’t already, read this series! It is fantastic!

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