Review: Wicked Bride Games (Indecent Games, #1), by Clarissa Wild

Wicked Bride Games (Indecent Games, #1)Wicked Bride Games by Clarissa Wild
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When I read the blurb for ‘Wicked Bride Games’, I was sure that I would love it. After reading several reviews from friends praising it’s masterful storytelling, I was even more convinced that this book would be right up my alley. After all, I love nothing more than a dark, twisted and deliciously disturbing story.

Unfortunately, this book just didn’t measure up to the hype for me. This is one of those times where I find myself the “odd man out” amongst my friends. It just didn’t work for me at all, for many reasons.

While I suspect that the “darkness” of this story will turn-off many readers, that wasn’t an issue for me at all. In fact, the dark elements were one of the primary draws for me. Although some parts were decidedly disgusting (cum drinking, anyone?), there was nothing so shocking in the content that it would send me running scared.

The biggest problem for me was that I never really connected with any of the main characters. The storyline seemed rushed and underdeveloped, leaving the supposed emotional reactions of the characters feeling insincere and contrived. The closest thing that I could equate it to would be the poor acting skills in a low-rate movie or porn film. It just doesn’t compare to the emotional response an Oscar-worthy performance will evoke in viewers.

Well, reading this book felt like reading a script for one of those low-budget, porn films for me. The reactions of the characters to some very unbelievable events was laughable at best. It was hard to take it seriously, when the characters didn’t seem to.

I felt like the author was telling me what the characters were supposed to be feeling, but in a very unconvincing manner…almost going through the motions without fleshing out the details to make it apparent to readers without having to spell it out. Does that make sense? I felt like I was being force-fed the “correct” response from the character, because the story was not written in a way that would actually elicit the response.

The premise of this story was promising, but I found the execution to be lacking. That being said, this is a reflection of my personal tastes and this style might work well for others. I need a bit more meat to my stories and not just some dark content thrown out there for shock value.

I have read other stories by this author that I really enjoyed, such as ‘Twenty-One’. I will definitely read more of her work in the future. However, this book was a big disappointment for me.

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