Review: Ravage (Scarred Souls, #3), by Tillie Cole

Ravage (Scarred Souls, #3)Ravage by Tillie Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark, Gritty And Captivating

I love this series! Despite the similarities between the books in this series, Tillie Cole continues to hold my attention with these rough around the edges, tortured heroes. The third book in the series, ‘Ravage’ introduces fans to, yet another, captive male and the woman that breaks through his intimidating veneer. I am 100% hooked on this series!

Valentin, aka “194”, was stolen as a young boy from an orphanage. Along with his younger sister, he was taken as a slave and subjected to unimaginable horrors. Trained to be a ruthless assassin, Valentin is forced to carry out the orders of his mistress, or his sister will pay the price. Although he hasn’t seen her, in person, in years, he still holds out hope that he’ll be able to rescue her from their hell one day.

Zoya has spent years in hiding, on the run from the criminal group that murdered her entire family, leaving her for dead as a child. She is overwhelmed with joy upon hearing that her beloved brother, Zaal, is alive and well. Nervous to see him after all these years, she lurks outside his home trying to get the nerve to go to the door and announce herself.

Before she gets the chance, she is taken. Valentin spots Zoya hanging around the outside of Zaal’s home and knows that she is important to his latest target. He plans to use Zoya to gain information about Zaal, by any means necessary. His sister’s fate is on the line.

Despite the brutality of his treatment of her, Zoya soon finds herself softening toward her scarred captor. It is apparent that he is not in control of himself, the mysterious collar around his neck somehow triggering his rages. In spite of her situation, she falls for Valentin.

In so many ways, this book is just like it’s predecessors. Drugged, enslaved male. Beautiful, “untouchable” female. Interconnected organized crime families. There are a lot of commonalities here…but it works. Who cares if the books are very similar, as long as they’re good, right?

I loved every minute of this story. I could not put it down and found myself thinking about it long after I’d read the last page. Thankfully, there will be more books to come in this series. Hopefully, I won’t have to wait too long to get my next fix.

There are some darker scenes. After all, Valentin did torture Zoya to try and get information about Zaal. This may be a problem if you’re strongly opposed to stories with dark content. Personally, this was exactly the type of story I love. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

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