Meet the Blogger: Candace @ Book Addict Haven

My friend, Ramona, was nice enough to think of me for her “Meet the Blogger” piece. Check it out on her page if you get a chance. 🙂 xoxo

Ramonisme - Read all about it

After receiving so many wonderful messages from you guys about the last interview post, I wanted to have Meet the Blogger part 2, because I had a lot of questions pending and was dying to find another talented blogger to answer them. So, I’ve picket Candace, my friend from Goodreads, who recently opened her own blog and is very excited to share with us her experience in reviewing and blogging.
All of her reviews are extremely appreciated on GR, with tons of Like’s and comments and this is generally because of her honesty and clear way of expressing herself. Her passion for books is transmitted in her reviews and you can feel that even if a story was not suited for her, she was glad to add another book to her list, purely for the love of reading.
Now, after so many praises and good feedback, she decided to open a blog, that by the way…

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