Review: Ten Below Zero, by Whitney Barbetti

Ten Below ZeroTen Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve read a lot of fabulous books over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, ‘Ten Below Zero’ wasn’t one of them. Was I harsher on this book because I had read so many spectacular books around the same time? Maybe. It is possible that I would have given this a 4-star rating if I had read it at some other point in time. However, it paled in comparison to the other books that I’ve read recently.

The story is about two damaged individuals that form a friendship, and later a romantic relationship. They help each other come to terms with their “issues” and face some hard truths. Most of this bonding occurs over the course of a long road-trip together after they check out of their day-to-day lives.

Although this story was okay, I never felt any type of strong connection to either of the characters. The heroine, Parker, was a withdrawn and socially inept lady that was a total doormat for her nasty roommates. She went through the motions, but never formed any attachments or had any concern for others. After escaping the clutches of a serial killer, she survived each day, but never really lived.

Everett was also tough to relate to. More often than not, I found him to be rude and insulting. He is an alcoholic with a brain tumor. Despite being relatively young and otherwise healthy, he decides to forego an operation that may save his life. Meanwhile, he constantly harasses Parker about the fact that she isn’t really “living” her life. Hypocritical much?

Together, these two were just overwhelmingly depressing. I just couldn’t get into this story or relate to the characters. I listened to the Audible edition and despite the good narration, I had to force myself to finish this story. It just seemed to drag along, like a dark cloud hanging over my head.

That being said, the writing was good. It just wasn’t the story for me at this time. I had a really hard time concentrating on this one. In the end, it picked up a little, but not enough to make me care about the characters or where they were headed. The whole story was just kind of “meh” for me.

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