Review: Lost in Translation, by S. L. Scott

Lost in TranslationLost in Translation by S.L. Scott
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I listened to the Audible version of this book while wrapping Christmas gifts earlier this week. At just under 3 hours, this was an incredibly short book — more of a novella really. The narration was good and the so was the story. It isn’t one that stands out as being spectacular, but it was a nice, sweet love story.

‘Lost in Translation’ follows Kandace Miller, an American college student, as she vacations in Paris. After a few humorous mishaps, she finds a friend in the incredibly handsome Oliver DeMarche. Oliver offers to show her around the city and Kandace is thankful to have a good-looking local give her the “authentic” Parisian experience.

Before long, the two are inseparable. Sparks fly. Kandace and Oliver fall head over heels in love.

Then, Kandace discovers a truth about Oliver that changes everything. She feels like a fool. Oliver is not the person he pretended to be.

Although this story was short and sweet, I thought it was a nice way to pass some time. Kandace and Oliver were entertaining, albeit a little immature for my tastes. As expected with such a short story, things did feel a little rushed for me.

If you’re looking for a quick, “light” read that you can easily finish in one sitting, this is a good choice. I can’t say that it will make a lasting impression, but it was a cute, fun read.

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