Review: A Harmless Little Plan (Harmless, #3), by Meli Raine

A Harmless Little Plan (Harmless, #3)A Harmless Little Plan by Meli Raine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The third and final book in the ‘Harmless’ series, ‘A Harmless Little Plan’ brings everything full circle. All of my questions were finally answered. Finally, we find out who was behind the attacks and what their motivations were.

Yet, despite getting the answers that I craved, I didn’t seem to gain any peace. I guess that this was a story where there could be no explanation for what happened that would make it “okay”. In that regard, I still feel a bit unsettled.

At the onset of this book, things are looking pretty bleak. Lindsay is again in the grasps of her rapists. Drew has been arrested and is helpless. She’s waiting on a rescue that isn’t coming.

However, things quickly turn around. Drew immediately implements a plan to save Lindsay. Before long, the story takes on a “Rambo meets porn-star Barbie” feel. Brace yourself for some outlandish and ridiculous plot twists. If you’re like me, you’ll spend a fair amount of time rolling your eyes and cracking up at the absurdity of this “rescue”.

Once the person that has orchestrated their worst nightmares is revealed, I expected the story to wrap up. After all, isn’t that what we’ve been waiting for? Instead, it dragged on for what felt like forever, before finally providing the finale that I wanted at the half-way mark.

Like the earlier books in this series, the storyline in this book could have been better executed. Although, in fairness, I did think that each book showed improvement in that regard. However, there was still a rushed feeling to many of the important parts where I craved for more elaboration and unnecessary time spent on irrelevant details. Major “reveals” seemed overly simplistic and left me thinking, “That’s it? After everything, that’s what I get?”.

After the private moment that we glimpsed between Lindsay’s parents in the second book, I was hoping that there was more to them than I had originally suspected. I’m not sure if the author thought about going there, only to change her mind, or what happened.

Regardless, my hopes were without cause. Lindsay’s parents proved to be the callous, shallow individuals that they first appeared to be. They have to be near the top of the list for worst “book parents” ever. That’s all I’ll say about that.

All things considered, this was just an “okay” series for me. It had the potential to be a really great dark story, but it fell flat. There were just too many problems with plot holes and poor execution to win me over entirely. It was alright, but it could have been great.

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