Review: Sparrow, by L. J. Shen

SparrowSparrow by L.J. Shen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a nice, Irish Mafia love story. Every once in awhile, I like to read a mob love-story and this one fit the bill. It wasn’t the best I’ve read, but it was still good and worthwhile read.

Sparrow is pretty much abducted by Troy Brennan, an Irish mob boss. Her father works for him and she isn’t really in a position to resist Troy’s demands. When he tells her that they are to be wed, she soon finds herself a reluctant participant in her own wedding.

Now, you might imagine that Troy was some sort of predator, taking advantage of a much younger girl for his sexual kicks. However, for most of the book Troy made it clear that he didn’t really like Sparrow all that much. Sure, there were some heated moments between the two, but Troy’s commentary on Sparrow is mostly negative. It is clear that he doesn’t find her particularly attractive.

In fact, for most of the book, Troy is a major A-hole. He forced Sparrow to marry him, but it is clear that he isn’t interested in having a wife. In time, his motivations for marrying her are revealed and then, everything makes much more sense.

Despite her situation, I found Sparrow to be a strong and admirable character. She gave as good as she got, not letting Troy steam-roll over every interaction they had. She knew that she wasn’t coming from a position of power when going against Troy, so she picked her battles carefully.

Throughout the book, there is building suspense around the nature of Troy’s big secret. The anticipation was huge. Unfortunately, the big secret wasn’t all that “big” in my opinion. It was a “That’s it?”, type of moment for me.

Even though the big reveal was a bit underwhelming for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There was plenty of suspense and mystery, aside from Troy’s big secret, to keep things interesting. Troy wasn’t the only one with an agenda.

I also appreciated the slow-building romance between Troy and Sparrow. There was no insta-love here, despite the mutual lust. I enjoyed watching their relationship evolve over time. When they finally connected, it was all that much more believable.

This was my first book by this author, but won’t be my last. I enjoyed the writing and the original storyline. Overall, it was a good read.

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