Review: 24690, by A. A. Dark

24690 (24690 #1)24690 by A.A. Dark
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As all of my friends know, I love a dark, twisted story. In fact, the more disturbing and depraved, the more I usually love it. However, while this book definitely delivered on all of those accounts, I still couldn’t bring myself to give it more than three stars.

Why? Quite simply because the editing, or lack there of, was atrocious. This book had incredible potential to be a phenomenal, dark story. It was so dark and cringeworthy. It had everything I’d normally love in a story, but it was sadly overshadowed by a plethora of typos, misused/incorrect words, etc. Here are a couple of examples:
-“Fist’s only, though, wife.”
-“‘He knew things he shouldn’t have. Perhaps you’ve been transpiring with him the entire time.’ I blinked through the news, not able to contain my shock. ‘I haven’t transpired anything.'”

I’m not a grammatical expert by any means, but the number of proofreading oversights in this book was distracting. I would expect that before publication, somebody reading this should know the difference between “passed” and “past”. Similarly, “transpire” and “conspire” are not synonymous. So, while this story may have had potential to be a 4-star or 5-star read, the lack of editing was a major downer for me. It took what could’ve been a great read and downgraded it to an “okay” read for me.

Now that I’ve got my rant about the typos out of the way, I want to reemphasize that this had the makings of a great dark story. The characters were vividly depicted and the gloomy subterranean world was almost tangible. I spent a lot of time cringing while reading this story. It was downright gory. I wanted to cover my eyes at some of the horrific scenes that played out.

If you’re looking for a book with shock value, this is your book. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. There is blood, gore and perversions that will leave you feeling like you need to bleach your eyeballs to erase what you just read. Personally, I love books that push me out of my comfort zone and leave me feeling uneasy.

However, you definitely have to be willing to overlook some grammatical errors to enjoy this one. They are numerous and obvious. The frequency of errors proved to be distracting enough that it took away from my enjoyment of this story. So, if quality editing is something that is a must for you, this book will drive you crazy.

I am curious to see where Everleigh’s story will go. I will most likely read the next book to find out. Meanwhile, I’ll be hoping that the author invests in some editing help. It is a shame to see what could be a great story be held back by such simple oversights.

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