Review: Sugar Daddy (Sugar Bowl,#1), by Sawyer Bennett

Sugar Daddy (Sugar Bowl, #1)Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! I loved this one! This book had my full attention from start to finish, so much so that I found myself sneaking in a few pages every chance I could get while vacationing with my family. I couldn’t help myself, it was that good!

As you can gather from the blurb, this book centers on a woman’s quest for revenge. Sela Halstead was only sixteen years of age when she was drugged and brutally raped by a group of men at a party. This event left her broken and sent her life into a downward spiral, resulting in a suicide attempt, psychiatric hospitalizations and years of counseling.

When Sela sees one of her rapists, Jonathon Townsend, on TV ten years later, she sets out to kill him. In order to get to him, she decides to infiltrate his life through his company, a dating service that connects rich, older guys with younger, beautiful women. If becoming a “sugar baby” is what she has to do to get close enough to kill him, she’s more than willing to do it.

Although she fails to hold JT’s interest when she first sees him again, she draws the attentions of his business partner, Beckett North. Willing to use him to get closer to JT, Sela does not anticipate that she will fall in love with Beck. Eventually, she must choose whether her need for revenge or her love for Beck is stronger.

I absolutely loved this story! Sela and Beck were perfect together. As their relationship grew increasingly intimate, there was a sense of impending doom in the background. I knew that the truth would come out and that there would be hell to pay when it did. I just wanted to live with Sela and Beck in the perfect little bubble that had been created. I was terrified, waiting for that bubble to pop.

When things finally hit the fan, it got ugly quick. I am still reeling from the ending of this book. I feel devastated and heartbroken. I am so damn angry, even though I knew it would happen.

Now, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the second book as I enviously read the reviews of friends that were lucky enough to get an ARC. I am dying to continue this story and find out what happens. Please, let there be some serious groveling in Beck’s future. I hate it when the hero gets off easy after behaving terribly.

The minute the next book is released I’m dropping everything. I love it! I love it! I love it!

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3 thoughts on “Review: Sugar Daddy (Sugar Bowl,#1), by Sawyer Bennett

    1. The ending to the first book was gut-wrenching, but everything works out in the end. You’re lucky to have all three books. After the first book, I had an excruciating wait for the second. I always tell myself that I’ll wait to start a series until all the books are out…but I have no self control. 🙂 xoxo

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