Review: Into the Light, by Aleatha Romig

Into the Light (The Light, #1)Into the Light by Aleatha Romig
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As always, Ms. Romig has weaved an intricate web of deception that has completely captivated me. Nobody writes an antihero better than she does. Each of her books leaves me a twisted up, confounded and conflicted mess…and I love it!

This book tells the story of Stella and Sara, two seemingly different women with vastly different lives. One woman is fiercely independent and focused on her career. The other lives a life of submission, with virtually no control over her own life.

Stella is an investigative reporter looking for clues to her best friend’s disappearance. When she begins to dig deeper, she begins to unearth some disturbing facts about the number of females that have disappeared, or been murdered, in the area. She places herself in dangerous situations, causing her detective boyfriend to grow increasingly concerned.

Sara wakes up in a hospital following a bad car accident. She has no recollection of her life or any of the events preceding the accident. By her side from the time she awakens is a man she doesn’t remember, but who claims to be her husband, Jacob. She struggles to re-learn the ways of her life and the religious teachings of their community leader, Father Gabriel.

From beginning to end, I was completely absorbed in this story. I couldn’t read it fast enough, only to curse myself once it was over. This book blew my mind!

I thought I knew exactly what was going on pretty early on, but I was wrong. By about halfway I had figured part of the plot twist out, but had to await confirmation. However, I never figured it all out. This book surprised me around every corner.

I won’t say much more because I don’t want to give anything away. This is a book that needs to be experienced firsthand. It is hands-down, one of my favorite books of the year! I highly recommend this book. It is phenomenal!

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