Review: Away from the Dark (The Light, #2), by Aleatha Romig

Away from the Dark (The Light, #2)Away from the Dark by Aleatha Romig
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher, through, in exchange for honest feedback.***

Aleatha Romig is one of my favorite authors. Ever since reading ‘Consequences’, I one-click anything she writes. She’s never let me down. Her books always mess with my mind and tear me up inside in the best possible way. She has a way of making me question all of the things that I thought I knew, obliterating any clear sense of right and wrong. She makes me explore those gray areas, where things aren’t always clear-cut.

While ‘Into the Light’ was full of questions and mystery, ‘Away from the Dark’ is full of answers. The pieces of the puzzle slowly piece themselves together, providing a comprehensive view of “The Light”. However, some truths are more terrifying than the lies.

As Sara’s memories come back to her, she is faced with the grim reality of her situation. She is fully aware of the evil that surrounds her, but powerless to stop it. Trying to save herself only lands her in greater danger, forcing her to rely upon the very man that she’s trying to escape.

Regardless of the situation, Sara fell in love with Jacob. After his true identity is revealed to Sara, they both struggle to come to terms with what that means for them. Can you really love an illusion? Does the end justify the means? Both Sara and Jacob do a lot of soul-searching in this book.

Admittedly, the book started a little slow for me. It went back in time a little to provide a more complete description of the events leading up to Sara’s escape at the end of the first book. While that information was critical, it killed me to be moving back in time versus forward. I was dying to know how everything would work out and patience isn’t a strength of mine.

That being said, once things started to move forward, I could not put it down. I literally fell asleep with my iPad on my chest and woke up in the middle of the night when it fell over and smacked me in the face, nearly breaking my nose! It is one of those books.

There were some twists and turns along the way. The suspense was incredible. Even the revelation of things that were known to readers at the end of the first book, seemed shocking – again – as Sara discovers them for the first time. I could feel the betrayal and heartache as if they were tangible.

As is the norm for Ms. Romig, the characters and storyline are extremely well-developed. The plot was complex and brilliant. The ending gave me chills.

If you love a story that is a little dark and full of suspense, this is a fantastic choice. I won’t give it away, but it is sooo worth it. I absolutely loved this unique story.

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