Review: Filthy Rich, by Raine Miller

Filthy Rich (Blackstone Dynasty, #1)Filthy Rich by Raine Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I listened to the Audible version of this book and it was just the type of light, uncomplicated story that I love for audiobook selections. It was sweet, predictable and admittedly cliché…but I enjoyed every minute! Sometimes you just need a little “fluff” in your reading regimen!

Caleb Blackstone is the dreamy, billionaire playboy. When he sets his eyes on Brooke Casterley, who is working as a server at a black tie event, he is immediately taken aback. It is insta-love.

After coming to her rescue when another rich party guest sets his sights on her and gets a little grabby, she leaves. Caleb resorts to some creepy, stalker behavior to obtain her name and address, even talking to her boss and following her home. (Of course, this type of behavior is only a problem in real life. In a romance novel, it is perfectly acceptable and doesn’t raise any red flags. LOL.)

Once he has her information, she doesn’t stand a chance. He comes on strong, wooing her with flowers and a new dream job. In literally one date, he manages to have her completely at his mercy.

Yes, it is as over-the-top and sweet as it sounds. You need to be in the mood for this type of book, or you’ll spend a lot of time rolling your eyes. I was, so it was a good choice, but be forewarned.

As expected, when the happy couple starts to get cozy in their new relationship something happens to upset the balance. No big surprise here, but the billionaire playboy has a psycho ex-girlfriend that isn’t ready to give up her fantasies of being Mrs. Blackstone anytime soon. Similarly, Brooke has a past that continues to haunt her and scare her away from men. After all, what good would a story be if there wasn’t a little tension?

In the case of ‘Filthy Rich’, the dramatics are pretty short-lived. For the most part, it was a happy-go-lucky type of story. Poor little Brooke is working her butt off to get by one day and she won the billionaire lotto the next. Bam!

Even when there was a huge – and pretty crazy – attack on the happy couple, it was passed over like nothing more than a small bump on the road to their HEA. Then, it is back to perfection for these two. I think this might have been the least angsty romance that I’ve ever read.

Overall, if you’re looking for a straightforward, sweet and heartwarming type of story, this is a good choice. In fact, it was so straightforward that I questioned whether or not there was something going on beneath the surface. It just seemed too simple and I was sure that I was going to be blindsided by some big twist at the end. However, it didn’t happen.

I listened to this audiobook while doing housework and cooking dinner for the evening. It was a great choice because it didn’t require a lot of concentration and I could divide my attention between the story and other things. Literally, it was so straightforward that I felt like I didn’t even have to think.

It was sweet, uncomplicated and cute. No twists or surprises here. Will it make a lasting impression on me? Certainly not. However, it was a good way to pass the afternoon and I enjoyed it. It left me with a smile.

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