Rock Star Romance

Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss, #1)Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For a rock star romance, ‘Rock Addiction’ was surprisingly sweet. Sure, there were some groupies in the background trying to come between these two. There were some tense encounters with the paparazzi. However, the relationship between Molly and Fox was heartwarming and relatively low-drama.

Molly Webster is a librarian, whose life has been haunted by the actions of her father. A high-profile politician, his affair with an underage girl was a huge scandal. Molly spent her teenage years being the subject of public ridicule and speculation, a consequence of her infamous father’s actions. She was harassed by the paparazzi and swore that she’d never do anything that would place her back in the limelight again.

Zachary Fox knows that he wants Molly the minute he sets his sight on her. He also knows that he’ll have to be careful not to chase her off. A life in the spotlight is not something that most women can handle. He doesn’t want his rock star lifestyle to chase her off before he has a chance to win her over. He doesn’t even know the half of it!

What begins as a one night stand, turns into a one month stand. Both agree to part ways after their time together is over. Fox has no intention of ever letting that happen. He’s just hoping that he can work some magic in his month with Molly, bringing her around to seeing that she cannot be without him.

This was a sweet, heartwarming story. For a rock star romance, it was relatively tame…but that was a nice change of pace. There wasn’t any cheating, drugs, etc. that I’ve come to expect from the main characters in a romance centered on a rock star.

It was a rather predictable story. There was nothing surprising or shocking that played out on the pages. However, it was a nice, straightforward love story.

I found it to be enjoyable and entertaining. There was nothing here that awed me or left me feeling blown away, but it was nice. This was my first story by this author and I will certainly read more of her work in the future.

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