***Not Your Usual Captive Story, But So Much Better***

CollaredCollared by Nicole Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I picked up ‘Collared’, I had absolutely no idea of how much I would love this story. I expected a dark romance with a captivity theme, but had anticipated a storyline centered on sexual slavery, BDSM, and trafficking. Although the heroine was abducted and held captive for ten years, it was -lucky for her – not for those reasons. Nonetheless, she suffers greatly, as does everyone that loves her.

The story begins with a seventeen year-old Jade, head over heels in love with the boy next door, Torrin Costigan. I immediately fell right into her happy, carefree teenage life. With loving, protective parents, Jade’s biggest concern was trying to avoid getting in trouble for breaking curfew when she stole a few extra minutes to make out with Torrin.

That all ends one night when Jade is kidnapped, only feet from her front door. Nothing will ever be the same. She is thrust into a bleak new existence, eventually adopting her assigned identity and pushing memories of her own life to the back of her mind in order to survive.

Ten years later, Jade is rescued. Only, she feels less like Jade than the girl she was forced to become. Thrust into a world that is now strange and overwhelming to her, she struggles to find her place among the people she once felt closest to. She wakes up in a world that has moved on without her.

As Jade tries to find her way, she once again finds herself gravitating toward Torrin. He is there for her every step of the way. Only, despite their undying love, their circumstances have greatly changed in Jade’s absence.

After so many years without her, Torrin had to move on with his life. He never gave up hope, but he couldn’t keep sitting around waiting for Jade to be found. His life needed direction and purpose.

Torrin and Jade’s love story was heartbreakingly beautiful and deeply emotional. I could not put this one down. Even scenes that I thought would be “filler” ended up bringing me to tears. I literally cried like a baby after one scene where Torrin takes Jade on an outing to the zoo.

Although I loved every minute of this story, I do wish it ended differently. It isn’t a bad or unhappy ending exactly, but I wanted things to play out differently. At the same time, it was a very fitting ending in so many ways. Regardless, I loved this book!

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