Oh So Twisted!

Twisted Palace (The Royals, #3)Twisted Palace by Erin Watt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whew! What a ride this has been! After all the turmoil and drama, we finally get the answers to our questions in ‘Twisted Palace’. Of course, they don’t come easy and they won’t come without widespread repercussions for all of our favorite characters.

Picking up where ‘Broken Prince’ left off, the Royal household is facing its biggest battle yet. Arrest, murder, dirty judges, blackmail – you name it! With everything that is going on in this book, the return of Ella’s supposedly deceased father, Steve, is barely noteworthy in the big scheme of things.

Never have Reed and Ella faced more uncertainty about where their relationship stands, than they do in this book. Reed’s very freedom is at stake, as he faces criminal charges for Brooke’s murder. While Ella is determined to stand by her man, Steve is hell-bent on keeping her away from Reed.

It seems that Ella got settled into her new life with the Royals just in time to be uprooted once again. Now that Steve is back from the dead, he’s determined to make up for lost time, going from deadbeat father to overprotective dad in the blink of an eye. His high-handed approach definitely didn’t win him many fans, least of all Ella.

At a time when she wants nothing more than to be with, and support, Reed, Ella is forced to keep her distance. Steve is completely opposed to their relationship. As a result, Ella has to sneak around and deceive him to maintain her relationship with Reed.

In fact, Steve proved to be a major player in this book. He singlehandedly changed the dynamics of Ella’s relationships with each of the Royals. For being such a close friend of the family, he worked hard at distancing Ella from them right from the start.

Initially, I thought that he was trying to overcompensate for his lack of presence in Ella’s life up to that point. Regardless, it didn’t make me a fan of him. In fact, I pretty much detested Steve for the entirety of this book.

Eventually, we get the answers that have alluded us to this point. Be careful what you wish for though. The answers will turn Ella’s, and the Royal’s, worlds upside down yet again. This series certainly closes with a bang!

Like the earlier books in the series, I found myself completely obsessed with ‘Twisted Palace’. From the time I started this series to the time I finished it, everything else in my life was put on hold. This story consumed me.

Even now that my questions have been answered and the trilogy has drawn to a close, I want more. I annotate get enough of these Royals! I am hopeful that the author will write more books featuring my favorite Royals. I’ll definitely be one-clicking anything that even hints at an appearance from my favorite family of excess. I loved this series and will definitely read future works by this author.

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