Can’t Get Enough of These Royals

Broken Prince (The Royals, #2)Broken Prince by Erin Watt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After finishing ‘Paper Princess’, I dived right into ‘Broken Prince’. I had to know what would become of Ella and all of the Royals after that ending. Talk about a cliffhanger!

I was pulling my hair out with the way the first book ended. Luckily, I didn’t start this series until all three books were out, so I didn’t have to wait for long. I feel for my friends that had to live with that anxious anticipation for long.

Picking up where ‘Paper Princess’ left off, Ella is on the run. This time around, the entire Royal household is furious with Reed. They’d grown to love Ella as much as they had originally despised her and nobody is happy to have her gone. No one feels her absence more than Reed, who knows that he is to blame for her disappearance. As angry as everyone is with him, it could never compare to the anger he feels toward himself.

In comparison to the first book, ‘Broken Prince’ is told primarily from Reed’s POV. It was nice to get his viewpoint and fitting for the situation. After everything he did in the first book, I needed validation of his feelings.

While ‘Paper Princess’ highlighted the unity of the Royal brothers, ‘Broken Prince’ spotlights their decline. Easton is falling deeper into his dangerous addictions. The twins have kind of broken away from their other brothers. Reed has stopped caring about school or anything other than finding Ella.

Meanwhile, the school has turned into a war zone. Without the Royal brothers to keep things in check, Jordan and the other bullies have unleashed a reign of terror on anyone they consider beneath them. In her absence, the rumors about Ella have been vicious and plentiful, ensuring that she’ll have her work cut out for her upon her return.

Eventually, Callum is able to locate Ella and bring her home. Although she’s not happy about it, she has to admit that she had begun to think of the Royals as her family and their home as hers. While she is not looking forward to facing Reed after his betrayal, she realizes that her actions have affected others as well.

Ella has to make amends for the pain that she caused when she left abruptly. Aside from Easton, Val was also hurt by her lack of communication. Not to mention that she up and left her bakery job without any notice.

Just as Ella has some pologizing to do, Reed is doing his best to work his way back into Ella’s good graces. As determined as he is to win her over again, she seems equally determined not to be fooled by him again. His betrayal is not something that she’s willing to easily forgive or forget.

Like the first book, ‘Broken Prince’ ends with another huge cliffhanger. This book has several twists and turns that keep this story interesting. I never knew what would happen next, but I couldn’t wait to see.

Finishing this book, I immediately started ‘Twisted Palace’. This series has consumed me. I cannot get enough of the Royals and the dysfunction that surrounds them. They’re my latest guilty pleasure!

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