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Shade’s Fall (The Last Riders, #4)Shade’s Fall by Jamie Begley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Although ‘Shade’s Fall’ is the fourth book in ‘The Last Riders’ series, it’s the third one I’ve read. I just couldn’t hold out any longer for Shade and Lily’s story. So, even though Knox’s story was next in line, I skipped ahead.

Compared to the first two books, ‘Shade’s Fall’ opened with much more suspense and tension. I immediately questioned whether or not I should’ve skipped the third book, because the opening scene made it clear that some major events transpired that had a big impact on Lily. The story opens with Lily in the hospital, following an attack that took place in the third book.

Shade decides that he is no longer willing to wait in the shadows. He wants Lily and nearly losing her has made him impatient to claim her fully. He is determined to “own” her.

While Lily was often portrayed as a shrinking violet in earlier books, she gradually came out of her shell in this book. I enjoyed her snarky comments and digs. She may have been passive, but she found a way to get her point across. I loved her stubbornness and tenacity. As more of her past came to light, it became clear that she was probably the strongest of the characters, in fact.

While Shade engaged in plenty of slutty behavior while waiting to claim Lily, much like the other “heroes” of this series, I appreciated that the author didn’t seem to rub it in my face this time around. He was no angel, but once he decided he was going to pursue Lily, he ended his manwhoring. He seemed to treat Lily with more respect than earlier heroes in this series. It was clear that he cherished her.

I also liked that Shade put in the work for Lily. Yes, he was high-handed. At times I was outraged, thinking, “Who does this guy think he is?” However, he bent over backwards to make Lily happy. He was far less fickle than earlier heroes in the series, demonstrating patience and holding her in high regard. In fact, he’s the first of the men in this series to show any sensitivity to the feelings of the woman they claim to love, in my opinion.

Lily continues to have the worst luck ever. It seems that every time she turns around, somebody is trying to kill her. She always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is pretty amazing that she continues to draw breath after everything she’s been through.

My gripes are still the same as they’ve been for the other book in this series. The editing still needs a lot of work. The storyline is very similar to earlier books also.

Of the books in the series that I’ve read, ‘Shade’s Fall’ is definitely my favorite, so far. In comparison to earlier books, its sweeter and more heartfelt. I really enjoyed this one.

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