I Love This Series!

The Black Wolf (In the Company of Killers, #5)The Black Wolf by J.A. Redmerski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OMG! Where is this story leading?!? I’m dying to find out…but too scared to look! This fifth book in the series was another mind-blowing roller coaster ride.

Izabel is able to pull Niklas back into the fold, convincing him to go on a mission with her and Nora. If anyone could reach him after what Victor confessed in the last book, it had to be Izabel. They’ve always had an interesting dynamic between them, but never more so than in this book.

After playing the ultimate villain in the last book, Nora is integrating herself into the group with relative ease. Izabel has become her pet project of sorts. She spends her time training her in the art of callous indifference and critiquing her every move as an operative. It is clear that Izabel still envies the cold and calculating Nora. However, I think that deep down, Nora also envies her.

While Niklas, Izabel and Nora are on a mission to capture the infamous Madame Francesca, Victor and Fredrik stay behind. Victor is still tying up some loose ends and always planning ahead. He doesn’t appear in many scenes this time around, but he makes quite an impression in his few appearances.

This continues to be a fantastic series. If you love dark, edgy stories with a little romance, some action and plenty of suspense, this is a great series. This book has left me reeling! I’m curious, and also terrified, to see what Victor has in store for Izabel and the others. I have this ominous feeling hanging over me, telling me that his actions are going to wreck my world. I’m still too scared to face whatever is in store, so I’ll probably wait for the Audible edition of the next book to be released. Once it’s released, it’s game-on!

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