Reasonable Doubt: Volume 2 (Reasonable Doubt, #2)Reasonable Doubt: Volume 2 by Whitney G.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was well worth the wait, even for such a quick read. I’d rather read 50 highly entertaining, well-written pages over 1000 pages of inconsequential filler any day of the week.

Andrew is such a lovable asshole and his past starts to be revealed, bit by bit in this book. His estranged wife’s arrival adds more fuel to the fire. Aubrey begins to rebel more against her parents, and let me say that the author did a wonderful job of conveying what a pair of jackasses they are. I can’t think of any more deplorable, self-absorbed people. Just when you think they’ve begun to figure things out, it all goes to hell in a hand basket again!

-The sex is hot and not too overdone for shock value.
-The dialogue is hilarious!
-No dead zones in this one. It is entertaining from the first page to the last!

-I want more!!! I’m nursing an addiction here and now I have to wait again!
-Big reveal at end. Cliffhanger alert!

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