A “Brother’s Best Friend” Forbidden Romance

Sweet DestructionSweet Destruction by Paige Weaver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Samantha has grown up under the constant watch of her older brother Bentley, and his best friend, Cole. As children, the three are inseparable until Samantha betrays Cole in a moment of fear, forever altering the course of his life and the dynamics of their relationship. A bitter rivalry between the two ensues over the course of their teenage years and into young adulthood. Yet, despite the animosity on the surface, both of them harbor love for the other that neither of them are willing to acknowledge. Eventually, they are unable to fight the inevitable.

Samantha seemed pretty ungrateful of Cole and that irked me. He was constantly defending her, despite their rivalry, placing her safety above his own. Not only did she lack appreciation, she had the nerve to put him down!

Cole had his issues as well. Drinking, promiscuity, violence, you name it. He was a bad boy through and through.

I enjoyed this story, but it was just good…not great. It was a nice, easy read that was entertaining, but lacked that extra something that takes a story to the next level. In all fairness, I’ve just finished some outstanding books recently, so the bar was set kind of high.

3.5 Stars rounded up.

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